Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association

Who We Are

LARCA stands for the Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association. We are the Lubbock Chapter of RCAT, or the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Our members are comprised of some of the most reputable roofing contractors throughout Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Each member of LARCA is required to meet specific qualifications, pass a final approval from our Board of Directors, and be sponsored by a qualified and current member of LARCA.

Our members MUST be in good standing with the following entities:

1. City Of Lubbock Building Safety Department

2. Better Business Bureau with rating of B+ or higher

3. Local Supply Companies

Though it is not required for acceptance, a number of our members have met and exceeded the requirements to become licensed by RCAT for both residential and commercial roofing. What is required, however, is that any member MUST be sponsored by a member of RCAT – this means that at least 1 of our top-level members must put their reputation on the line and vouch for any new member.

Our Purpose

Simply put, our number 1 priority is protecting the consumers of our community from questionable roofers, such as those who come from out-of-town chasing hail storms, and from local roofers who consistently practice bad business habits. By coming together as a singular, unified group, we are greatly increasing the power and influence that our collective voice can have in order to positively affect our community.

Choosing a trusted and reputable roofing contractor is as easy as ever – we’ve done the research for you, as our members are the best roofers in and around Lubbock…all you have to do is make your choice!