Code of Ethics

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RCAT Code of Ethics

1. Company must be domiciled in the State of Texas and provide roofing and related services on a full-time basis; not just when it is convenient or when a storm has impacted the area.

2. Company must have a local place of business and a physical address. Company must also publicly provide a direct and effective means by which those who do, or desire to do, business with Company can contact Company’s owner(s) and/or leaders.

3. Company will hold paramount the safety, health, education and welfare of their employees and the public. Company will treat all their employees and customers in a fair and ethical manner.

4. Company must be properly insured for roofing work and will provide current proof of general liability and, if they choose to carry it, proof of workers compensation insurance to the Association and to customers when requested. The coverage is to remain in effect throughout the year on all roofing projects.

5. Company must operate their business in accordance with the laws of constituted authority at all levels, and comply with all rules and regulations prescribed by law, including those relating to/providing for the health and safety of all employees, the community, and the environment. These authorities include but are not limited to: Internal Revenue Service, Occupational Safety & Health
Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Department of Insurance, Texas Constitution and Statutes, local building departments, HOAs, etc.

6. Company will not knowingly present a false or fraudulent invoice for the payment of a loss in connection with an insurance claim. Company will not advertise or promise to pay, waive, or rebate a customer’s insurance deductible. Company will not knowingly charge an amount for their service that exceeds the usual and customary charge for that service by an amount equal to, or greater
than, a customer’s insurance deductible. (This provision is in accordance with Section 27.02 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code. To read the full statute section online:

7. Company will not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect negatively on, or bring into disrepute, any legitimate part of the roofing industry.

8. Company and its owner(s), officers, directors, and employees must be dedicated to being professionals in the roofing industry. They will constantly endeavor to improve the roofing industry, support the activities of the Association, deal ethically with their fellow Association members and others in the roofing industry, refrain from any disparaging their fellow contractors, and be an
advocate in helping all to uphold these Code of Ethics.

9. Company must install all roofing materials in accordance with manufacturer’s application instructions and accepted industry standards. They must only use professional grade materials; no seconds, stolen or expired products. Company must also fairly convey and honor all warranties both for labor and materials installed. Company will provide customers all valid warranty
information and guarantees in writing.

10. Company will only enter into contracts for work they know they are qualified to perform and honor all contracts to the very best of their ability. Company should provide all customers with a written proposal (or change order) with complete descriptions of the work being performed, start and completion dates, total cost of the job and payment schedule. The proposal will also clearly state any restrictions or limitations imposed.

11. Upon request, Company will provide a list of credit references and customer references to the Association.

12. Company must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

13. Company must abide by all permitting, licensing and bonding requirements of applicable local jurisdictions, and will provide such information to those they do business with when requested.

14. Company will honor all obligations to its customers by correcting mistakes as quickly as possible and will make a good faith effort to resolve any dispute. Company will address any and all formal complaints received from customers within 30 days following notice to the Company of a complaint against them either from RCAT, one of its local Chapters, or the BBB.

As a Member in Good Standing and/or a license holder under the RCAT Licensed Roofing Contractor Program, I have read and understand the above stated Code of Ethics and PLEDGE that myself, my Company, employees and sub-contractors will abide and be governed by them. I further understand that failure to do so shall be cause for termination of membership and/or license in accordance
with the RCAT Bylaws.

Our Mission Statement

LARCA is dedicated to creating a community of contractors who install roofs using the highest standards and best practices available. This will be achieved through education and a sincere desire to put integrity first. This will help insure that the citizens of our communities can rest assured that their roofing contractor is qualified and informed for their protection.
Our members are the best roofing contractors in West Texas. Whether you are interested in residential roofing or commercial roofing, we are 100% confident that you will find a perfect match for your roofing needs with a LARCA member.